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Mar 5 2013, 10:22 PM
Ok, I actually have more time than I thought. I'm still :omg: over ejami sex scenes! I did NOT see that coming! Whoo, that was hot. Sami certainly does not have to seduce EJ to get what she wants from him but I don't mind it for several reasons.
1. The sex was HAWT!
2. She probably assumes that, because he has changed, she has to do some extra "convincing" to push him back to the dark side for her. Little did she know, EJ was already thinking of going back there.
3. The sex was HAWT!
4. I'm not sure Sami realizes how much power she has over EJ. He would ANYTHING for her, literally. No questions asked.
5. I knew Sami had that vixen side to her. I'm glad she finally let that surface. Moreover, go AS! She looked gorgeous! :hail:
6. The sex was HAWT!
7. THIS is the dynamic I want with ejami: both reveling in their darker sides and not being afraid to show it.

Did I mention it was HAWT? I'll say it just in case. ;)
LOL, you!

Well, .. lets hope this will turn into something I think every EJAMI fan have always wanted to see.

If something would happen to Nick,.. I wonder if everyone would make the connection to Sami and EJ. They would probably blame EJ for all that.

Whatever EJ will do.. which BTW What can he do, dealing with Nick?,.. I would have to be something that does scream the obvious.
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