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^ My face watching DAYS

Some interesting updates:

-Tom has been trying to flirt with Jillian constantly. It seems to many that he has a big crush on Jillian and is going to try to make a play for her at some point.

-Alec and Tom have been constantly referring to Andrew as the "old guy" and calling him "pops". Andrew is becoming more and more annoyed with them over this.

-Liza is an apparent sex addict and has made it very openly known that she wants to fuck Tom, but is getting no action from him. She apparently masturbates with her electric toothbrush in the house.

-Topaz has a crush on Tom. Jillian was the first to start spreading this around.

-AJ is apparently obsessed with DAYS OF OUR LIVES. He has every episode taped all the way back to 1985 apparently and he constantly talks about the show on the feeds. Some HG are getting annoyed by it.

-Danielle is probably going home...the 7 core alliance (Alec/Topaz/Jill/Emmett/Tom/Liza/Peter) are planning to switch the vote and backdoor Danielle instead of evicting Aneal.

-The phone rang again, Peter answered it and has told everyone that it was nothing important.

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