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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepbecause EJ hasn't ever done anything to either one of them.
I guess I'm confused because I was responding to your statement that EJ never did anything to either of Sami's parents. He did lots of things to Marlena and I don't buy that just because John as shot, it doesn't count as hurting Marlena. Beyond that, I don't quite get the connection between Eric trying to help Nicole and Eric not liking EJ and/or not liking Sami with EJ.

Eric and Nicole have a history. Nicole was at a very low point when Eric arrived and while she may not have directly asked for his help, she accepted it. And she has shown genuine remorse for things she's done. None of those things apply to EJ or Kristen. More importantly, nothing that Nicole is doing now is directly affecting his family the way that EJ and Kristen are.

Nonetheless, I will concede that in a black/white world with no context, Eric is being a big ol' hypocrite. So be it. I'd rather have that then one more person fall at EJ's feet.

My point is that for all Eric knows, EJ may have done the same things Eric asked of Nicole - which was to apologize to the people she targeted. Marlena got hurt as a result of the things EJ did, but she was no more a target than Abby was of Nicole's lie about the baby.

And there are at least a few posts around here with me saying that I don't feel like Eric is doing the wrong thing, so I'm not looking for him to fall at EJ's feet, either.
LOL, but Eric does know that EJ has apologized to the people he's targeted, except for Sami. He would know that EJ has never apologized to John. I know John is only his step-father, but he still talks to him. Or his mother who I do believe has been a direct victim and target. Or, I don't know, Rafe. I'm pretty sure he knows that EJ has never apologized to Rafe. I find the idea that Eric simply has no idea of what's going on a little hard to believe when you are talking about (except for Rafe) his family. Just because we haven't seen it onscreen doesn't mean he doesn't know. Otherwise, there would be no reason for Eric to not like EJ in the first place.
I find it hard to believe that the Bradys sit around discussing whether or not EJ apologized. Plus, Eric only seems concerned with whether someone has apologized for their last crime, not things that took place years ago.
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