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Brady tells John and Marlena that he is through with them for good

Brady makes a marriage proposal to Kristen

Daniel makes a genuinely sincere attempt to work things out with Jennifer

Abigail subtly tries to get answers from Cameron

Nick and Sonny get into a fight

Gabi pressures Nick for answers

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Monday ("John's Plan")
Marlena wants John to reveal his plan to her; Kristen tells Chloe to fight for Daniel; Cameron receives a mysterious call.

Tuesday ("Brady's Idea")
Brady pops the question; Daniel and Jennifer have a heated argument.

Wednesday ("Brady's News")
John begs his son to give him another chance; Nick drops a bombshell on Gabi.

Thursday ("Resolution")
Daniel reveals the truth to Jennifer about what she saw; Sami urges Will to enlist Stefano's help.

Friday ("Parker Inspires Chloe")
Nick and Sonny get violent with one another; Kristen tells Sami and EJ about her engagement to Brady.

John blames Marlena for the problems between him and Brady
Chloe spies Daniel and Jennifer in the throes of passion at the Horton cabin
Abigail and Anneís fight prevents Cameronís shady business from being uncovered
Nicole runs into Vargas at the rectory and finds herself hot and bothered by the sexy stranger
Nick and Sonny fight after Nick uses an actual gay slur
Gabi tries to reassure Will she wants him to be a part of his daughterís life

TV Guide Previews

3/18, Kristen urges Jennifer to fight for Daniel; Cameron gets a mysterious phone call; Chloe continues to mislead Daniel about what Jennifer knows; Marlena presses John to tell her whether he has truly accepted Kristen and Brady as a couple.

3/19, Daniel and Jennifer have a huge misunderstanding and end up in a terrible argument; Brady tells John and Marlena that he is through with both of them; Abigail prevents Anne from discovering Cameron conducting shady business with a mysterious man.

3/20, Daniel sets out to clear things up with Jennifer; John pleads with Brady to give him another chance; Nick gives Gabi shocking news regarding Will and the baby; Nicole finds herself attracted to Vargas.

3/21, Sami urges Will to use Stefano's help against Nick; Nicole is shocked to learn Vargas is an ex-con; Chloe discovers that Daniel canceled his trip; Gabi questions Nick, who justifies his use of blackmail.

3/22, Chloe comes up with a diabolical new plan; Nick and Sonny get into a physical altercation; Kristen stuns Sami and EJ with her news; Will tells Gabi that she doesn't really know her own husband.
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