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I think on Andy's show Nene said the party was over, it was just caterers and whatnot left. But it sure looked like people were inside not just workers.

For ATL's next season, I don't even know. I'm kind of hooked on this idea of a HW mashup where they pull the best they have and send them on the road together for some contrived reason. Each separate season seems weak, a lot of the drama is off-screen now or half-assed, the city itself isn't really much of a character (it's more about women fighting) it would be fun to dissolve the cities.

I love Kenya, for some reason. Phaedra doesn't bother me with her schtick because I think she's in on the joke so the whole thing is just...a cartoon. So I'd probably want more focus on them. They entertain me.

With Adrienne leaving- whatever. What a total waste of a season, I think she should never have been cast because she's not a reality show type imho. I don't mean that as an insult, either, she just seems to want more control over image than you can usually get when you whore yourself on television for cash/attention.
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