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Wonder what happened to the mechanic. I thought for sure John Ross had snaked another one. (Is it just me or do TPTB have a hard-on for that guy?)

Call me shallow, but Rebecca/Pamela's scar still distracts me.

And LORD, Jordana needs to eat a cheeseburger!

Okay, shallow moment over.... This Bell chick looks nothing like her TV father or mother.

And DAMN, Judith Light is delightful as hell!!! I hope they make her a regular. (PS- Is it a character thing, or a Judith thing, that she sometimes shakes? I hope Judith's health is okay.)

I hate that Hagman died during filming, as selfish as that might sound. Just seemed odd watching his scenes, knowing they were probably filmed out of order... and most of his phone dialogue was lines/dialogue from previous episodes.

And last, but DEFINITELY not least... I think it's B.S. that they keep toying with us regarding a Victoria Principal return. First, she is. Then, she's not. One place says she's never ever returning; another says she's on her way. JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND, WOMAN! The least you can do is swallow your pride, show up on set, say a few lines to pay your respects to a former co-star, and let that be it. All this back-and-forth about her return is driving me insane!

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