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^ My face watching DAYS

^Talla vs Tom = Heaven!

Tom is a Grade A douche...what a freaking pussy!

I loved that Talla called him out last night and didn't back down to his bullying of the women.

Danielle was HILARIOUS in the DR, when she bashed Tom on the vodka issue...hahaha...hilarious...and her "sinking ship....FUCK YOU" comment to Aneal had me rolling!

Excellent episode.

It reaffirmed a few things for me:

1.) Jillian/Emmett/Tom MUST go down in flames...cannot STAND this alliance.
2.) Peter/Alec secret alliance = GOLD...GO BC!!
3.) Talla = AMAZEBALLS!
4.) Aneal = HILARIOUS!
5.) I LOVE Gary....haha...he is hilarious, his swinging around in front of the memory wall...me and the GF nearly fell off the couch laughing at that.
6.) Danielle = IDIOT! Don't EVER offer yourself up for pawn...EVER EVER EVER....but I did love her Jillian and Tom bashing.
7.) Liza = Going down in flames for me...attaching herself to Tom..yuck...I hope she turns it around quick.
8.) Topaz = SCRUB!
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