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Mar 7 2013, 12:56 PM
^For me it was entertaining on a purely comedic level...the actors were AWFUL in those scenes and they made me laugh, thats the only entertainment I got out of those scenes.

EJAMI have no chemistry...they just don't...I don't see it and never have.
You'll never hear me disagree with this!!! Ejami have been a joke to me for years and years (no offense to team Ejami), but no. I was more a fan of EJ and Nicole but now that Eric is in the picture again, I'm loving Nicole out of the Dimera orbit. The Ejami sex scenes yesterday were comical for the acting....but the dialogue was flawless. If I have to watch Alison Sweeney dry humping James Scott, there better be some talk of homicide in the process. :)
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