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Okay aside from the very annoying fact that they're using Maxine and Kayla to prop Dannifer...

Today is the episode for me! I feel like they wrote it for my personal enjoyment. Nancy is exactly what this show needs. It has severely lacked any real comedy and she provides it plus she's already gotten multiple great one-liner shots at Jennifer and Mike Horton. Thank you Nancy! I already know you're destined to fail, but can't wait to watch you try.

Kristen in the DiMera Mansion is everything to me. It looks so perfect. Harold! Ugh, this is too good to be true. I was hoping she was going to have some flashbacks while she admired the living room, but I can't wait for her to unmask that Stefano portrait. Everything feels right in the world the second she walks into that mansion. "Rising from the ashes, just like you father." :)

Nicole looks beautiful today and I'm loving how frustrated she is with Father Eric. Their scenes are too brief right now, but I'm excited to see where this goes during today's episode. Hopefully not another annoying interruption! UGH CIARA!

Victor and Maggie's good cop/very bad cop is actually working for me today. Usually Maggie would be driving me crazy but she is pretty much telling Brady he's wrong too. Victor is quotable as always.
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