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Mar 7 2013, 08:48 PM
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You should have asked her how she felt about Elope! Now that would give it away...if she knows what we are talking about, then we are REALLY in trouble.

Seriously now Soapgal II.we are just snarky like this...hope you don't mind us welcoming you to DR the only way we truly know how...by snarking....


Hate Rafe and Danifer. Is that the test to see if I can keep the name? Did I pass???

Love the snarky, that's why I joined after just creeping for a long time. I was reading on Twitter that I was being "investigated" for my name choice. As long as no one asks for fingerprints we will be ok....don't ask don't tell that's my motto.
Oh we have a great time here....I still remember when we turned the daily tweet thread on a dark week at Days into a back and forth about Jessica Simpson and how she cheated on Nick and he was now probably counting his lucky stars that he was with Vanessa
Um...excuse me? Nick and Jessica are meant to be.
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