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Wow. Aneal...and the crying. Wow. Someone get him a Razzy!

Danielle makes me laugh. OMG! Gary is hilarious!

Jill and Emmett...so stupid. I have no tolerance for Showmance! You're not in it to win it. You're in it to bang. These Showmances are all embarrassing!

The Moose thing was hilarious. I wish US would do something like that.

I am liking Danielle more and more.

I like Tom and Emmett's friendship.

I ADORE GARY! I just love him so much.

Andrew, shut up. So annoying.

Liza is great. She is here to play! She and Peter are the only two I can say that about really.

I am excited to see how this Liza/Jill vs. the Ox/Ram plays out. They're much smarter than any BB US girls.

OMG. Aneal. Embarrassing POV speech.
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