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Mar 6 2013, 04:20 PM
Miss Rhi
Mar 5 2013, 07:44 PM
Only 3 posts in 2 days?!?

What's up?
I go days w/o watching and/or catch-up via online, some of this shit is just not needed (Long Coughs Abby,Alex,Adrianna) Well at least one has been eliminated, but check that scene today w/Carmine Alex and her at GC talk about a waste of got damn script, then the Bully s/l finally gain some merit and what they do. No repercussions Fen little po-stick ass still was charging his family like he was wronged constantly run-up and berate his father like he's the Adult and have Mikey seating in a child's place with his own son :o Who the Fuc does is That? Summer got to cuddle on the couch wit'er Mom and get coax like she was the one who had been bullied traumatized -_- Girl Bye.

And this "Useless foundation" Avery deal with are whatever the Hell it's called. EXCUSE ME! But I can't care about an organization I don't see... O'yeah and Wahaaalaa did anybody see how fast Neil got Tuck's office? I mean the whole damn family INSTA merger over there with the Fashion police dialogue too boot.. :shame:

Will Victor and Wheeler have a true face off or just these round bout GC/Penthouse meetings. So many things could've been done here with E.Braeden and M Pinter but he's in his finally taping stage. ARE THEY F%*C$$ FOR REAL! Two well season men and this is it?,... (Heavy Gasps).......

Okay now we got turning the Housewife back to HO status..Fine! But don't write it like Lauren so distraught over Mikey putting Fenmore narrow ass in jail and BOOM all of sudden her Box so hot she gotta give it away too Basco the Bartender. Those of us who remember back in the day Whorish Lauren know full well this should have gone in another direction.

And the Foreva Tired Underwhelming Overplayed Over-hyped SHADAM got the same damn dialogue they had in NOLA 2009.

Oh' one more thing! What purpose is Billy Miller serving these days? I see they gave him and Vikki that same paint brush routine and the same ugly ass Pepto Bismol color he and Kate splattered in the Abbott guest house. They ain't got shit else to do? A Abbott and Newman offspring playing goofy as fuck instead of leading family legacy's :glare: WhoWuddaThunkIT
I missed you...
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