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Mar 8 2013, 01:02 AM
Mar 8 2013, 12:41 AM
Mar 8 2013, 12:37 AM
Of course, Sno-Ball-gate happened shortly after Twitter-gate (which is what I'm sure sparked it to begin with) and was, I believe, KA 1st retort of any kind after pretty much being dragged through the mud by the CC crazies (including Nelson Branco) that CC openly condoned even thought her Grey Goosed ass says she didn't.
Kristian never said anything during Nelsongate. The only time she ever referred to it at all was a one-liner in a little SOD online blurb.
And I developed a lot of respect for her for that. I just meant that it happened so closely afterwards that it was construed as a sideways "wink nod" kinda deal. In fact, I kinda loved her even more that that. lol
Exactly. Looking at it in context made it clear that KA wasn't just innocently sharing photos of herself munching on a cupcake lol. That picture was probably the only semi worthwhile thing to come out of weeks of craziness.

And for those who missed twittergate, I believe Nelson started hinting that someone on set had gotten CC fired and that not many people in the cast liked this person etc. It was obvious that the person he was hinting at was KA. People lost it and started bashing her, calling her anorexic and other names. CC was happily tweeting while all this was going on and when people tried to get her to step in, she said something about free speech. A couple of days passed and then CC acted like she had no idea any of this had happened, and I think she and Kenny got into it and I want to say CC wrote a blog or gave an interview in which we learned that she was the victim, but I may have made that up. Anyway, we got the cupcake pic on the heels of all that, which was fitting in light of the accusations about KA starving herself.
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