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Unaware that her boyfriend is interested in another woman, Caroline has a major attitude adjustment. Caroline has tried her hardest to fit in and it wasn’t working, says Godfrey. She came in on her best behavior, doing the right thing, and she ended up in the hospital. Caroline just wants to be happy with Rick but she wants to do things that she wants to do and gets upset when that doesn't happen. She becomes suspicious of Rick when it seems that he’s any longer interested in her. She thinks he’s upset about her not wanting to help out at Dayzee’s. Godfrey is excited about the change in her character, she says she’s not a catty bitch or sexy bitch like Amber and Steffy were. She’s none of those things. When she talked to the writers, they wanted to differ between the two. She will be the girl who says things that aren't nice and doesn't understand why people get upset with her over it. She doesn't have a lot of tact, explains Lindsey.

For more detail pick up the March 18th Soap Opera Digest.
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