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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 8 2013, 09:31 AM
Mar 8 2013, 08:17 AM
For some strange reason, I usually believe that the actors actually get along better and don't take all this as seriously as some fans do. They are serious about their jobs and characters, but stuff like what KA did? I chalk that up to messing around. I remember when GG & BD or both, tweeted out that pic of JS's cardboard cut out at a fan event. At first I thought it was meant to be disrespectful, but after hearing from some of the people who were actually there- it was a joke. Just like when JS tore up the Safe sign when he was messing with GG.

From everything I've read about JS & GG, they like each other off set. The actors are just messing around and being silly, like I do every day at work with my co-workers. Just because they are on TV doesn't exclude them from that workplace behavior. I sometimes think it is the fans who make it into something it's not. You don't like the character or who they are paired with and you want to make it about the actor :shrug:

I don't recall the KA thing specifically, but even if she was being cheeky, so what. I like that in a person.

Do you have links to pictures of either of these? Would love to see them.

I think what fans fail to realize is that the actors know that their characters aren't real. No matter what food is sent or consumed KA and PR will not be together in real life or if TPTB don't write them that way. Maybe somone should write a book titled Understanding Fiction 101 and send a copy to all these crazy loons.

BTW if I ever see GG eat anything I sent to JS and AS I will go bat shit crazy. Just saying...
IMHO what makes ANYTHING an actor does/says worse is when fans (on both sides) get into this 'I'm going to defend this actor because I love him so'....it's what escalated the situation with the CC/KA thing....The fans proceed to show their love for said actor by tweeting them or defending the one that the actor was talking about, etc. Some actors then escalate the situation by thanking the ones that are defending them, which is fine but it usually blows up the situation because it brings it all out in the open. What I will never get is why fans would resort to tactics like writing emails or letters to TPTB about the incident in hopes of getting the actor fired, or tweeting the actor back saying he should be fired for that..... It's just ridiculous one way or another.
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