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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: Dan and Jen arrive at the nurse's station at the same time and exchange glances. A nurse asks Dan about a patient. Maxine and Kayla watch. Maxine - They've been like that all day. Kayla - Well, at least we have tonight. Maxine - Tonight? Kayla - It hasn't slipped your mind, has it? Maxine - Oh yeah, the ceremony for me. Kayla - Yes, the one where we're going to honour you - Nurse of the Year! Most deservedly so if I might add. Maxine doesn't know about that. It will make her kids happy anyway. Kayla - And given the way Dan and Jen feel about you ... it's a good opportunity to break the ice ... party atmosphere coupled with their love and respect for you. Maxine - A couple of glasses of champagne won't hurt either. Kayla - Whatever it takes. As long as they find their way back to each other tonight. Kayla walks up to Jen. I hope you cleared your schedule for tonight. Jen - Tonight? What? Kayla - You remember ... the party I'm hosting for Maxine. We're honouring her as Nurse of the Year. Jen - Yes. I need to talk to Maxine about that. I'd love to go but I can't make it. Kayla - Previous engagement? Jen - No. Kayla - You're not sick or anything. Jen - No. Kayla - Great. You're not busy and you're not sick so you'll be there. Maxine talks to Dan - I was just telling Kayla my kids are making a much bigger deal of this than I am. Dan - Your kids are very proud of you. We all are. Maxine - That means a whole lot. I'll see you tonight then. Dan - You know how happy I am for you about this award but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it.

Nancy arrives at Dan's apt. Chloe is so glad she's here. Nancy - My daughter and grandson needed me. Chloe - Boy do we ever. Nancy - You know that I love a good challenge. Chloe - It's simple, get rid of Jennifer Horton. Nancy - I got rid of her brother Mike so I'll ... no, we'll get rid of that boring Barbie. After checking on Parker Nancy gives Chloe another hug. I can feel your rib cage. You've lost weight over this Daniel Jennifer fiasco, haven't you. Chloe - A bit, mainly it's just given me a giant headache. Nancy - Your mom has a doozy too. She rummages through her purse for pills; aspirin, calcium and pills for her insomnia. They're like a godsend to me. They knock me right out. Chloe hopes they're not addictive or anything. Nancy - Do not be a worrywort and don't worry about that meddlesome bitch Jennifer either. We shall put our little headachy heads together and come up with a remedy to get rid of her. Chloe - And then I'll have a clear path back to Daniel. Trust me, it's not just for selfish reasons that I want him back. It's for Parker too. He deserves to have a mom and dad who are together and love each other. Nancy - About that Chloe ... and please don't get angry with me. I know that you want Jennifer out of your life and I don't blame you but getting Daniel back the way he was ... you can clear the path, you can get rid of the competition but you can't make someone love you. It just doesn't work that way.

Eric - Help me, what's right in front of me! Nicole - That's the thing, you are so smart and naturally intuitive about people so why can't you even come close to sensing what I'm feeling!

Maggie looks at a stack of suitcases and then joins Vic and Brady in the living room. That's a lot of luggage. Brady - I'm moving out today. You knew that. Maggie - It's still a little jarring to me. Vic - It's more than jarring to me. It's downright depressing. Moving in with that wretched woman! Kristen DiMera, of all people. Maggie tells him to stop. Vic continues - If I didn't know better I'd swear you were back on drugs. Brady - On that, I'm out of here. Maggie - Before you go would you write down your address for me. I'm making some muffins and I'll send them over to you. Brady thanks her. Vic looks at the address. Good God! The DiMera mansion. Is this your idea of a joke! Brady - My mail is going to be forwarded. It might take a couple of days. Vic - Forwarded to the bowels of hell because that's exactly where you're going. It's an abomination, Brady. It's bad enough you're moving in with that woman but to move into the DiMera house of horrors turns my stomach. Maggie - Brady, I don't understand. I know you're crazy about this woman but living under Stefano's roof! Brady - Kristen needs to be there. I love her so I'm going to be there with her. Vic - How touching! I suppose if she needed to be on Pluto you'd move with her there too even though there's no water or oxygen and you'd drop dead immediately. Maggie - Calm down please. Victor - Good God. Maggie - So does this mean you're going to be stepping down from your position at Titan as well. Brady - I don't see why I should. I'm not going to work out of that home and the new safeguards are up and running so the company will not be compromised. That I can promise you Grandfather. Vic - I'll promise you something too. You walk out that door don't even think of coming back.

Harold lets Kristen in. You had the locks changed I trust. Harold - As you wished. Kristen - The staff knows not to come back until tomorrow. Harold - Yes, mum. He hands her a key. If you'll excuse me I'll finish opening up the house. Kristen - It's been so long since I lived here I might need a map. After Harold leaves Kristen mutters, Rising from the ashes, just like you father. Kristen walks around the living room and then turns around. Well look who's here. Aren't you going to welcome me back home.

Segment 2: Eric - I'm sorry. You keep telling me I should be getting something. And maybe I'm being really dense, I just have no idea what you're trying to tell me. Ciara comes in - Father Eric, look, I made this in First Communion class. Eric crouches down next to her. That is beautiful. Thank you. Is it God or Jesus? Ciara - It's you. Eric - Me. Ciara - Because I love you so much. Eric hugs her. I love you too Ciara. Ciara - I was thinking ... I better not tell you ... Eric - What were you going to say Ciara? Ciara - That when I grow up, I want to marry you. Eric smiles - Oh Ciara. Ciara - I knew it! You don't want to marry me, do you?

Nancy - A lot has happened since Daniel loved you before. Chloe knows but it's all in the past, what matters is now. I just want my son to have a mother and father who are together and who love each other like you and Dad do. Nancy - You know we love you so much and we'd do anything for you. Chloe knows that. I just want to be able to give that to Parker as well. Daniel and I were so happy once and we can be that way again. I just have to show him that I can give him the one thing Jennifer can't and that's unconditional love.

Maxine - I must have heard you wrong. Did you say you're not coming to my party? Why do you think I'm being honoured tonight Dr Jonas, huh! I'm being given this coveted award for running a tight ship and being a perfectionist and because I'm only as a good a nurse as the doctors I work for and I work for you Dr. Jonas. And it so happens that you're an inspiration to me. You make me work as hard as I can around this hospital. So what would it look like if my biggest inspiration wasn't there to support me! Are you going to say something or just stand there! Dan - I will be there. Maxine - That's the right answer. Dan - I'm sorry I even considered not coming. You are inspiration to me too. You work very hard Maxine and this is your night. You deserve to be honoured. Congratulations. I'll see you later. Jen tells Kayla that JJ's having a hard time at school and the only time that she can speak to his advisor via video chat is tonight right in the middle of your event. I can't really put it off. I'm sorry. Maxine asks Kayla - How did you do? Kayla - I struck out, and you? Maxine - It was close but I got Daniel to agree. Kayla - Guilt trip him? Maxine - Epic! Kayla - I should have let you have a shot at Ms Horton. Maxine - Whatever this is between those two seems to go much deeper than a lover's quarrell. Anne is eavesdropping.

Kristen - Don't be shy. Let's have a look at you. She walks over and pulls the dust sheet off of Stefano's portrait.

Brady pulls out his Titan ID card to hand to Vic. Vic - That's not necessary. Brady - You're going to let me stay on? Vic - Your personal life is a catastrophe; it's an affront to everyone who cares about you but you're good at your job. Business is business. He leaves the room. Brady - I'm sorry about this Maggie. Maggie - I just hope and pray that one day you come to your senses and you and your grandfather will salvage your personal relationship. Brady - What about our relationship? Maggie - Our relationship? Brady - I mean me and you. I'm pretty concerned about what this move is going to do to us.

Segment 3: Kristen - Despite our rocky history Father I'm so grateful to you - that you asked me to come home. If it wasn't for your invitation I wouldn't have been able to start the ball rolling on exacting revenge on those who wronged me. And now that I have Mr. Brady Black right where I want him I'm going to make the most of this. She pours herself champagne and raises the glass - To moi!

Maggie - You know that I care deeply for you so yes I am upset. How could I not be affected by you moving into the DiMera mansion. Brady - I just feel like I've let you down. Maggie - I'm very concerned about you but despite what Victor said in the heat of the moment that door will always be open to you as well as my heart. They hug. Brady - Thanks!

Anne reports to Chloe on the conversation between Maxine and Kayla. Jennifer isn't going to the party but Daniel definitely is. Chloe tells her this is perfect. Nancy brings Parker into the room. Who was on the phone? My friend Anne. Nancy tells Chloe she got a text from Daniel; he's coming over. Chloe has to make sure she looks good.

Jen is at the Horton house video chatting with JJ's advisor. After she's done she goes to answer the door. It's Kayla. I was on my way to the Brady Pub and I thought I'd come by and give you a lift to the party. Jen - I told you already I wasn't going. Kayla - I know but with all due respect, I didn't believe a word of it. She points to Jen's laptop - And see, logged off so I guess that call is over. Jen - Yes it is. Kayla - Great, so go get changed. I'll wait. I even brought my own magazine. Jen - Please ... Kayla - I know this is about Daniel. You guys obviously had some sort of disagreement but you're crazy in love with each other. Everybody knows that. Jen - I appreciate you being so supportive but what Daniel and I had was not just a disagreement. Kayla - What happened? Jen - Chloe Lane happened.

Chloe lets Dan into his apt. Nancy gives him a big hug. The family chat continues. Chloe excuses herself to run to the store to get a few things. Nancy - I'm really glad that we have a moment without Chloe around because we need to talk.

Segment 4: Eric - Ciara, you know it's not that I wouldn't want to marry you, it's just that there are many reasons why I don't think that would be such a good idea. Ciara - 'Cause we're cousins? Eric - Well yeah that would be one of them but priests, they never get married. Ciara - Does that make you sad? Eric - No, it was a choice I made. In a way I'm sort of married to the church. It kind of takes the place of a wife, a family. Nicole - I'm going to let you two talk. I'll see you later.

Nancy - I know you've moved on from Chloe; you made that very clear yesterday. I'll get right to the point. My daughter is nostalgic for what she shared with you; the love, the passion but we both know you're not her man anymore and never will be again. Dan takes his ID card from Parker and puts it on the end table. Nancy - I promise you this, I will do everything I can to pound that into Chloe's head and to get my daughter to back the hell off.

Kayla - If Chloe thinks she can win Daniel's heart, let her try. Everybody knows his heart belongs to one woman and that's you. Jen - I wish I could believe that. Kayla - You will if you cut Daniel a little slack. Talk to him. Discuss all this with him openly and honestly. That's why I'm so determined to get you to this party. I'm not going to push you. I'm going to drive myself and I hope that you show up. Daniel is going to be there and I think you owe it to yourself and him to show up too. She leaves.

Daniel - I really do appreciate your help with this. I've tried to be clear with Chloe myself. I don't want to hurt her. Nancy - Then it's a good thing I'm here. Dan agrees. Chloe returns. Dan grabs the bags from her. Dan has to leave. Chloe asks Nancy - How did it go. They're all smiles.

Segment 5: Eric finds Nicole sitting on the park bench. Nicole looks up - So did Ciara join the convent? You do know that you pretty much ruined that little girl's life. She has no choice now but the veil. Eric - Nicole, please talk to me. Nicole - I love you Eric. The truth is I always have. I thought I had moved on a dozen times but now I know I never did. Eric - I'm so sorry Nicole. I hope I haven't led you on in any way. Nicole - No, this is all on me. Eric - I don't think we should see each other anymore. She snaps out of her daydream and mutters, He's going to want an explanation. Eric walks up - You're right, I do.

Kristen leads Brady into the living room. You look a little overwhelmed. Brady - It's just strange. I always considered this the last place I'd want to visit let alone reside in. Kristen knows that this is Stefano's house but she's hoping with his help they can turn it into their home. Replace all those horrible memories with good ones. Brady - Sounds good. Kristen - Are you upset? Brady - No. I didn't tell you but I already got into it with my Grandfather and Maggie about this whole thing. I didn't want to lie to them so I passively aggressively told them what my new address was going to be. Maggie was very sweet and gentle; Victor on the other hand didn't fire me but he essentially disowned me. She's so sorry. I know everything you've had to give up because of me. Brady - It's okay, you're worth it. Kristen thinks he's worth it too.

Chloe - Letting Daniel think you're on his side Mom is inspired, genius actually. Nancy - Hopefully it will buy you some time. Maybe Daniel will come to trust my opinions and put his family first instead of snarky old Jennifer. Chloe mentions that it seems like snarky Jennifer is avoiding Daniel like the plague.

Kayla works her way through the crowd at the pub to tell Dan she's glad he's here. Dan - Well the guest of honour gave me an ultimatum. Jen walks up outside the pub. Anne arrives. I didn't know you were coming. Jen - Sorry to disappoint you Anne but I'm here. Maxine shows up and gives Jen a big hug. They go inside. Anne immediately calls Chloe - Red alert. I don't know who got to her but someone did. Jen is at the awards ceremony. Chloe - Crap, Daniel is there. Anne - Yes I know. I'm looking right him. Dan and Jen make their way to each other. He tells her she looks beautiful. Can we talk? Anne (who is now inside) reports to Chloe - He just took her outside. Chloe - OMG do something. Stop them.

Segment 6: Eric takes her hands in his. I want you to tell me why so many things have changed between us. Nicole - You hurt my feelings. Eric - I did. I'm sorry. I don't know what I did or when. Nicole - It's not just one time or one thing. You thought I was upset about Chloe when I wasn't. You think I'm still pining for Daniel but I'm not. I told you a part of me will always have feelings for him but he's in love with another woman, I've moved on. Eric - Then what is it? Nicole - I'm trying to change who I am and it's not easy. And seeing Chloe trying to manipulate the situation to get Daniel back ... so desperate to get something she can't have ... it reminds me of me and I can't and I don't want to be like that anymore. Eric - So you're changing the things or the way you've been. Nicole - The way I still am and despite the fact that I'm a slow learner I am determined for my sake and for the sake of everyone who comes in contact with me.

Kristen - I know that you being here with me means giving up things that matter to you and that you love and I just want you to know something. I don't take it for granted at all. Brady - Thank you. When do the other inhabitants arrive? Kristen - The staff is off until tomorrow, Stefano is not due back for hours and hours ... why does that phrase, christen every room in the house play over and over in my head, it's so weird. Brady - We should probably take care of that. He clears off the chess board. We should probably start here.

Chloe snaps - So what is he saying to her? Anne - How should I know. He took her outside. Chloe - Can you see them? Anne - Yes but I don't have bionic ears. Chloe - Get close enough so you can hear them. Anne is pretty good at lip reading. Outside Dan tells Jen he knows he's put her through a lot. The whole think with Chloe and Parker has been difficult for you but just in the last hour or so something happened that just might help us through. Jen - You sound hopeful. Anne - So maybe I'm not such a good lip reader but I sure as hell can read body language. It doesn't look good for you Chloe, sorry.

Segment 7: Nicole and Eric are back at the rectory. Eric - I'm sorry Nicole that I haven't been able to understand what you've been going through. Nicole - And I'm sorry my reaction was to lash out at you ... Eric gets a text. I have to go to someone's house; Last Rites. We'll talk later. After he leaves Nicole talks to herself. If I just accept the fact that I can't have him I can move on. I can and I will. She wipes away her tears.

Dan tells Jen he's crazy in love with her. Chloe shrieks - Ann Milbauer, talk to me, what are they doing? Anne - Oh, oh. Chloe - What are you seeing. Anne - They hugged and they're still doing it. This is no ordinary friend hug, something big just went down between them.

Brady and Kristen are engaged in raunchy sex when there's a knock on the door. Kristen - It's too early for Stefano to be back. Brady - Is it your brother? Kristen - EJ, at this hour? Kristen starts pulling up her dress. We live together. My family needs to learn how we roll. Kristen peers out the window and then pulls her dress down again and opens the door to John. She pretends to be surprised to see him. Brady shows up in the foyer putting on his shirt.
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