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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Mar 8 2013, 09:57 AM
The fans blow things out of proportion, but I don't think the actors are always blameless. IMO, CC directly contributed to the KA drama. Other actors who do unprofessional things like air their dirty laundry in interviews share a lot of the blame as well.
I agree. The reason KA came out of Twitter/SnoBallGate looking so classy was that she really didn't directly engage with any of the fans or any of the crap spewing on Twitter. She remained noticeably silent while she was essentially ripped to shreds - to the point that even Peter Reckell and his wife put a few comments out on Twitter pleading with people to chill out and be respectful (to everyone). Was the cupcake picture a passive aggressive response to it all? I hope so - because it was awesome. :blulaugh:

That was probably one of the most obvious behind the scenes battles we'll ever see. I think it's spot on that for the most part the actors all get along - or at least are respectful enough of one another to give space when needed. It's usually pretty clear at fan events where you can see the actors interacting with one another throughout a day or over a weekend. It's pretty easy to see that GG and JS have a good relationship off camera just in watching them chatting together during events. Eric Martsolf, Ari Z, Bryan D, Nadia B - they all seem to enjoy hanging out together at events. I'm sure things come up from time to time that cause friction just like in any workplace but for the most part I think the drama isn't nearly as juicy as we'd all like to think it is. CC seems to me to be one of the exceptions - her recent tell all book was a pretty good indication that she's a shit stirrer no matter where she goes.
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