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The Top 10 reveal.....

I think this year's IDOL will be a woman and it should be either, Angie Miller, Candice Glover or Kree Harrison. These 3 are by far the Top 3 this season and always have been! Amber Holcomb is coming up fast too. Shame that Janelle Arthur made it, she started out great, but the last 2 weeks she's been boring, wrong song choices, almost horrible....should've went home. Aubrey Cleland or Breanna Creel should've gotten her spot. Glad that pageanty singer Adriana LaTonio is gone, also glad the over-rated Tenna Torres is gone, and THANK GOD, THE STARS AND HEAVEN AND AMERICAN IDOL VOTERS, the trainwreck, prostitute-looking, 45'ish looking, Zoanette Johnson is OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

America got 3 out 5 men (why does the show insist in calling them boys, lmfao!!!). Lazaro Arbos I can see in the Top 5 with the 4 best girls. Glad Burnell Taylor made it, the only African-American in the Top 10 guys that is actually CURRENT! Curtis Finch Jr. sings every song the same as a gospel song......oh yeah, that's all he is.... Great gospel singer, I'd give him a 10 as a gospel singer, but compared to everyone else a 5 since gospel and classic Soul/R&B are the only things the dude can sing, plus do not like his arrogant, smug, a-hole personality from the Vegas week, esp. during group time, should've WENT HOME. Paul Jolley, pretty good, but imho sounds more pop than country, probably should've went home too. I like Devin Velez, so glad he made I guess, but sad that Hawaiian teen Elijah Liu, didn't make it, thought he was more current then anyone else (where were the teen girls votes?!). I liked Charlie Askew too, didn't get why the judges didn't like this week's performance....don't think they like rock much. Also liked Nick Bodington, kinda wished he made it. So glad the highly over-rated Vincent Powell is gone.....stay a back-up singer dude. Also glad Cortez Shaw, who i previously liked is gone, he needs to go to acting or modeling as a profession, and take singing lessons if he wants to continue as a singer.
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