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TSW has been updated through episode #40 (air date: May 25, 1956). Steven discovers shocking information about his father. Was Sarah Alden really murdered? Steven & Valerie grow closer. Maggie struggles to keep her family from falling apart. Juliet & Lenora have separate plans for Juliet's romantic future.

an excerpt:
Rev. Spencer enters and sits down at the kitchen table as Betty pours him a cup of coffee. She explains how she’s taken it upon herself to keep up Sarah’s flowerbeds as a neighborly gesture to the family in her memory. Rev. Spencer remarks warmly on her thoughtfulness. Betty confides that she’s concerned about Lou and that he’s becoming withdrawn. Rev. Spencer thinks that if Lou is out and about running errands or whatnot, it could be a good sign that he’s working his way through his period of mourning. Betty agrees, but expresses her concern that he’s yet to return to work despite the upheaval with his company. She’s afraid that neither Maggie or Steven are doing Lou any favors by hiding Alden Construction’s increased financial problems from him. Rev. Spencer reminds Betty that Lou is Maggie and Steven’s father and, ultimately, their responsibility and concern. “No matter how you might feel personally, it’s not your place to interfere with the family’s wishes.” Betty knows that he’s right, but still can’t ignore the feeling in her gut that things aren’t right.

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