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^ My face watching DAYS

So Tom originally was going to nominate Aneal and Suzette, with the intention of backdooring Gary...however Liza got in his ear and told him he should put Gary and Suzette up, incase Gary gets picked to play veto, wins and takes Suzette down.

So the plan was to put them both up and evict Gary.

But Topaz has been misting Tom all day to get him to focus his eviction on Suzette, instead of Gary.

On top of this all, apparently Suzette and Tom had some kind of fight during the have-not competition and Suzette hurt her ankle and is now telling people she has been physically abused in the house (ie: by Tom)...this has gotten back to Tom (thanks to Topaz) and Tom is FUMING pissed at Suzette and is making it his mission to ensure her ass is evicted.

Meanwhile, Suzette is telling people she will DOR if she is nominated and doesn't win the veto cause she is not going to give them the satisfaction of evicting her.

Oh and Jillian, Aneal, Alec and Topaz are have-nots.
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