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BH's Season 4 is going to be all about Lisa/Brandi vs. Kyle. Those ladies are making it no secret that Kyle is going to be their target now that Adrienne and Camille are off the show. And I hope it really comes back to bite Lisa and Brandi in the ass.

I've been one to question Yolanda's place on the show since the beginning of the season. However, I've been coming around to Yolanda since the Las Vegas episode. She's taking over the role of peacemaker that Adrienne had in the first two seasons. I like that role for Yolanda. And I'm starting to really appreciate her honesty. At first, I felt like she wasn't giving a balanced sense of honesty. It seemed like she wouldn't say anything bad about Lisa or Brandi. I didn't like that. If you're going to paint yourself as "brutally honest" then you better be that way for everyone. Not just some. So when Yolanda called Lisa out in her interview on the last episode for Lisa's treatment of Kim, she definitely gained points for me. And I'd like to see her come back. Plus, her wealth is out of this world. And great to see. It's what distinguished BH from the rest.

I adore Kim, so I want to see her back. She's much more fun now that she's sober. Always the underdog. And you know reality TV audiences love the underdog. At least I do.

We already know Adrienne is out. And I hope the rumors about Taylor leaving are true as well. I liked Season 1 and 2 Taylor. And it's not that I dislike Taylor now, I'm just kind of over her at this point. I'm not longer interested in watching her anymore.

I say keep the cast to six housewives, and add only one more wife. Try to really get a big name too. I know many housewives in the Beverly Hills area are turned off from the show, but there has to be someone that's willing to join the cast. Yolanda's there. Nothing really happened to her image. It's all in the way you present yourself. If you don't take the crap that women like Brandi dish out, you have nothing to worry about.

Moving onto ATL's next season...

I've definitely liked Cynthia this season, more so than I ever have the last two seasons. Especially after she admitted to knowing what her role is on the show. The shit-stirrer. Cynthia is FINALLY doing something other than crying about Peter. That storyline was old the minute they started fussing back in Season 3. I've been behind the campaign to get rid of Cynthia for two seasons now. I've changed my mind. I'd like to see her stay now.

NeNe, Kandi and Phaedra have to stay. Up until the Hollywood dinner party fiasco, I've really enjoyed Season 5 NeNe. I'll let the way she acted in that episode slide though. Even if it reminded me too much of Season 4 NeNe. I hate that she's around less. While I'm enjoying her getting along with the girls, for the most part, her role on the show has started to feel forced. She only comes back to ATL for brief visits to film. It's nice, but it stands out and distracts me from what else is going on with the other wives.

Kandi is the fan favorite, and with her recent feud off-screen with NeNe, I could see producers praying they'll be able to reignite the feud for the cameras in Season 6. Both women are starting to come hard for one another. They'll definitely be the two heads of the couch at this season's reunion.

As for Phaedra, she's the show's comedic relief. She goes along with the joke she is, and for that, I think she should remain on the show.

I have mixed feelings regarding Kenya. She definitely has proven her spot on the show, but with the scandal concerning Walter exposed, it really hurts her credibility factor. How could anything she does in future seasons be taking seriously? Especially when it comes to a love life. No one is going to believe she found a man without paying him. She does give the crazy very well. And for that, I'd like to see her again.

I wouldn't mind Porsha staying on as well. She was brought on mid-season, and I think she deserves a full season schedule in Season 6. She gives me Season 1 NJ Teresa vibes, as in she's not the brightest bulb. I think that helps give her like factor. She also reminds me of OC's Alexis when it comes to her marriage. I could see the other women, who are all very independent women, clashing with Porsha about her marriage, and that could create some great showdowns. So I say keep her as well.

Keep the ATL cast the same for Season 6. IF they find someone that's able to compare to NeNe (Season 1 & 2), then cast her as the seventh housewife, and let Season 6 be NeNe's last season. The other five women just don't have what it takes to carry the show without NeNe. Not if they want ATL to be what ATL always has been. They need that loud, in your face type to replace NeNe.
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