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The old Lulu was tomboyish. She hasn't been played that way for a couple years, but I see what you're saying. JMB and Lulu have been like fashionistas for the show and she's been super girly. My only problem with this casting is that Rylan does seem more like Maxie than Lulu. I worry that they're going to clash because they're exactly the same. I have faith in her acting that she will be able to pull it off. Regardless of who they got it was going to be jarring.

They wrote the role of adult Abby FOR Marcy Rylan so that explains why she was so much like Lizzie from GL. It was intentional. I think she's capable of doing something totally different because I think she's a good actress. This is going to be a lot like when Jacob Young took over Lucky because I think Lulu will be missing or presumed dead for a week or a couple weeks before we see the change in Lulu's. That should help with the change.
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