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Mar 8 2013, 03:10 PM
Mar 8 2013, 02:37 PM
On a technical note, the lighting was atrocious in today's episode. Nancy looked like she was on a theater stage with her back to the audience (total black in the background) in the scenes with Jennifer. weird trajectory and angling. The closeup shots suck when you do a compare/contrast with other Days episodes pre-2009. Everyone looks so mechanical and robotic, nothing seems to flow organically in scene interactions.

Is it really that hard to get quality storylines for vets on this show. ? Days could learn a few things from GH.

And now Days is 4 months ahead in filming? #ABSOLUTEFAIL
Weren't many of the Days lighting, camera crew, etc. fired late last year? And temps were brought in on a rotating basis? I think that might explain some of the tech issues.
There was that notice about them being laid off as of 12/31/12, but those changes wouldn't take place until sometime in April on screen, if they indeed occurred. So far (in the shows being aired), only cameraman Mike Mecartea has left from the technical crew, but that was due to his retirement in October after 35 years at NBC. There's been no one hired (in the shows airing) full-time to replace Mike as the second main cameraman yet. The credits have been showing all the usual fill-in cameramen being used on a rotating basis (Bill Scott, Hugo Morelli, Barbara Langdon, etc...) Some of the episodes list 6 cameramen in the credits now, since the one episode is taped over a various amount of days, with lots of the fill-ins being used. They don't ever use 6 cameraman to tape the show all at once, just 2 main cameras and sometimes a third or fourth extra camera for big group scenes.
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