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Mar 9 2013, 02:11 AM
Mar 9 2013, 01:40 AM
Mar 8 2013, 09:26 PM
I get the whole taping ahead to save money thing, but 4 months ahead... really Days?? That is just beyond ridiculous. Christmas is July is going to become a reality if this keeps up.
With the 22 episodes on average taped per month, they should be staying on the 4-months ahead schedule for awhile:

MARCH: Taping through around 12135 (airing through 7/25)

APRIL: Taping from around 12136-12157 (airing 7/26-8/26)

MAY: Taping from around 12158-12179 (airing 8/27-9/26)
thanks for the numbers, Jason.

I think that they could push their "ahead" time back to 2.5 months (and push it closer to 3 just before they go dark for 2 weeks) and still stick to taping an average of 22 episodes per month. At this point, 3 months ahead would be more reasonable than 4. If anything, I believe that them being even further ahead than they already were is going to hurt them more in the end. By the time anything airs, people have completely forgotten about any tweets/pictures the actors may have tweeted and any potential hype has disappeared. Also, by the time new storylines and pairings finally air and TPTB get viewer feedback, they've already written about 6 months of the story, and there's no way to nip it in the butt and change its direction if there's overwhelming negative response. As a result, the ratings would suffer, which could prove deadly.
I'm not sure why it matters if people forget what the actors tweet. The show doesn't need twitter to hold onto viewers. Also I have never understood this big shock that they are three months ahead, or like now four months ahead. They started this taping schedule in 2009, it has taken them four years to get four months ahead (and that's counting in the two week olympic break, which the taping never took) , so all these exaggerations about them taping Christmas 2014 in July or whatever are really silly.
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