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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Sorry - just a very short post today as we have a very, very busy day planned. In fact I'm only going to post the highlights of today's show.

1. Probably most intriguing: Cameron gets a telephone call at the Brady Pub. He asks the person (paraphrasing) - Do we have to talk now, I'm at a party. Okay ... he then goes outside the pub to take the call.

2. Most predicatable moment: Chloe having hysterics when Anne reports that it looks like Dan and Jen are going to kiss. Anne reports back that she stopped the kiss before it happened but they are going to meet at the square to talk. Nancy points out that Chloe can't be the one to break up their reunion - they're on to her ... Nancy will take care of it.

3. Best use of history: Jennifer is not at all happy to see Nancy back in town. Of course Nancy lays it on thick and heavy about how great it is to be back in town helping out Chloe and Daniel at their request. She then tells Jen please tell your brother hi from me Jen gets very angry. Nancy feigns innocence - she thought they had put what happened behind them years ago. She knows she has moved on. Jen reminds her that she went after both her brother and mother bringing up the fact that Nancy drugged Mike and then had a nurse file suit against - she accuses Nancy of destroying Mike's reputation and driving him out of town. Nancy recalls that Mike left because he was having an affair with Austin Reed's wife. Jen starts yelling at her and calling her a liar saying Daniel would never agree to her being the go-between Jen and Chloe. Dan shows up at precisely that moment. Jen is furious when she realises that Nancy was telling the truth. Nancy leaves them. Jen really lays into Dan - she's furious that he refuses to see what Chloe is doing. She's done.

4. Best nice moment: Abby arrives at the square where she's supposed to meet Cameron and recalls her encounter with Chloe. Chad finally gets her attention. He asks if she'd like to have coffee and catch up. She tells him she's meeting someone in a while but she could really use someone to talk to. She tells him that someone said something very terrible to her here and she can't stop thinking about it. Chad doesn't know what was said but he knows it wasn't true. Abby thinks the reason it's bothering her so much is because it is true. She tells him what went down with Chloe. She's upset with herself for forgetting for one second that her Dad died saved her life. Chad points out that her Dad would want her to live her life not be bogged down with guilt. They talk about his mom. He says he likes thinking about her now - as time has past he remembers only the good times. She puts her hand on his just as Cameron arrives. Chad leaves them to their date. Abby tells Cam that she and Chad are friends. She tells him about their conversation. Cam is totally cool with it all.

5. Best funny and teary moments: Funny - Kristen trying to get a rise out of John while Brady is in the living room putting on his belt. Kristen throws up their past in John's face - offers him coffee, tea or me. She continues trying to provoke John but he stays silent. When Brady returns John tells him he's not here to try and talk him out of moving out of the DiMera mansion - he's just here to give him this. He hands him a gift. Brady opens it. John tells him he was in Venice where he took Brady's mom when her time was running out. He took her for a gondola ride. When they were under the Bridge of Sighs Isabella talked about her wishes for her son. Her greatest wish was that he would feel peace just like she was feeling at this moment. He tracked down the gondolier and the guy helped him pry off this plaque from the left side of the gondola just like all those years ago he helped him pry off this one (John pulls out a plaque with the #of the gondolier from his pocket) from the right side. Brady is touched - Kristen is making faces in the background - she doesn't like this. John leaves. After he leaves Brady talks about how he's sure his dad will never accept them as a couple he still thinks they can be family. Kristen is not a happy camper.

6. Best 'drop in' moments: Hope comes into the coffeehouse and sees Marlena staring at her phone - John won't know she wants to talk to him if she doesn't call. Marlena replies - He knows, he doesn't want to talk to me. Hope feels responsible for their separation. Marlena says no the person responsible is Kristen. Marlena played into her hand everytime; she can't blame John for taking out his anger on her. Roman can. Marlena, Roman and Hope talk a bit about John. Roman offers to talk to John. Marlena says no besides even if she did want him to talk to John she doesn't know where John is. Hope is gone. Roman knows what Kristen did to her all those years ago. He's very sympathetic. Marlena is teary eyed talking about John. They hug. Marlena opens her eyes and John is there. In the last segment of the show Stefano's pilot welcomes him back to Salem. Stefano mutters that he's home for good.

7. Best setup to cliffhanger: Back at the pub both Anne and Jen watch Dan pound back a couple of glasses of straight whiskey. Anne reports to Chloe that Daniel left alone drunk. Chloe tells her Mom she's going to Dan. He's drunk and she knows what he likes to do when he's drunk and it's not sleep. Back at the pub Kayla and Maxine gang up on Jen. In the end Maxine just gets Jen's keys from her purse and tells her to go talk to him now. She shows up at Dan's hotel room with his ID tag. She offers to make him her famous remedy for staving off hangovers but he tells her he just wants to sleep. He's going to splash water on his face - she can see herself off. When he's in the washroom Chloe closes the door and removes her coat. When he comes back she has the drink made. Dan is falling over the place. He refuses to drink it. Chloe knows he only drinks when he's upset but she imagines he doesn't want to talk to her about it. No Dan doesn't want to talk. Chloe - You're right, talking is overrated. She kisses him.
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