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Anne really IS annoying, I like the idea of Jennifer being confronted but Anne is such a stupid device to do it with. She's worse than a high school Mean Girls character, she's a high school Mean Girl at like 40 years old.

Nancy is much more effective than either Chloe or Anne, although Nancy only has an in because of Chloe. That's too bad. As good as it is that Jennifer have conflict that pushes her character to grow, I'm really tired of how there's so few adult women on this show that act like adults. I don't like being stuck in high school forever and I get tired of all the good girl/bad girl dichotomies, it feels more regressive to me than pop culture 20 years ago.

Jennifer's grudge against Nancy again reminds me how weird it is that she can get along with Kristen. What the DiMeras did to Jennifer's mother is much worse than Chloe's threat to Jennifer's happiness.
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