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Mar 8 2013, 03:23 PM
I've also realized that Melissa Reeves does confrontation scenes very well. Lots of people think that Jennifer is annoying when she's bitchy. I personally enjoy it. What I don't enjoy is that she's bitchy because she's obsessed with Daniel.
I agree. I personally want to avoid the double bind where Jennifer is damned if she's a pushover and damned if she isn't. I personally like it when Jennifer fights, if it's a sign of strength in "Bad Girls" why not for her, etc. I just hate that she's fighting about Daniel to the exclusion of every other thing that used to matter to her.

It would also help if they let Jennifer be clever and resourceful again. Then there's money where her mouth is. I actually think this is one thing that MarDar did that was smart in theory, if not sufficiently executed -- in the political race stuff with EJ vs Abe, Jennifer wasn't just telling people what for, she was getting her hands dirty. At the time people were (and remain) very angry with Jennifer and thus fixated on the fact that she was a hypocrite because she was The Good Girl and yet no better than anyone else. Personally that's what was good about that idea to me, it was returning her to a place where she was a scrappy person with a big heart but by no means perfect, and sometimes led by her emotions to get in over her head. That's classic Jennifer to me, and those are the situations that help her become smarter and also to change.

But in this situation nobody can get their hands dirty without looking petty, neither Jennifer nor Chloe, because the fight is not about anything that's really worth it. Let's say I bought Dannifer's deep love (which I don't) and let's say that I bought that love is worth fighting for (which I do under enough circumstances), you're still left with the fact that neither of these women should really have anything to fear if Daniel really wanted to be with them, and that neither of them should want him if he doesn't want them. Their lives are not THAT miserable that they need him that much.

At least with Jennifer there is this history of abandonment that makes the insecurity theoretically in character for her, and maybe just maybe the writers have finally been hit by the clue by for. (Being mentally ill myself, I don't really think it's demeaning to be that way and I think it could actually be a dignifying storyline for Jennifer's character, but that's me.) But with Chloe I don't really get it at all. Maybe I didn't pay attention to her character enough because I never liked Bjorlin's acting much, but while she had her share of teenage awkwardnesses she seemed generally confident. After thinking Jack's died XYZ number of times and all her daddy issues and the mental illness history at least you can fanwank an explanation for Jennifer, but for Chloe I just don't get it. I did feel like her relationship with Daniel was sound and nice enough, but she has a lot going for her. Loving parents, a beautiful child, supportive friends in Brady and Nicole, her incredible vocal talent, etc. If she loved Daniel, sure she'd be sad without him, but desperate? I don't see the angle.
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