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Mar 9 2013, 03:34 PM
Anne really IS annoying, I like the idea of Jennifer being confronted but Anne is such a stupid device to do it with. She's worse than a high school Mean Girls character, she's a high school Mean Girl at like 40 years old.

Nancy is much more effective than either Chloe or Anne, although Nancy only has an in because of Chloe. That's too bad. As good as it is that Jennifer have conflict that pushes her character to grow, I'm really tired of how there's so few adult women on this show that act like adults. I don't like being stuck in high school forever and I get tired of all the good girl/bad girl dichotomies, it feels more regressive to me than pop culture 20 years ago.

Jennifer's grudge against Nancy again reminds me how weird it is that she doesn't get along with Kristen. What the DiMeras did to Jennifer's mother is much worse than Chloe's threat to Jennifer's happiness.
I am beginning to find Anne annoying too, even though she's giving voice to the negativity that so many fans have been expressing for months. That she exists at least indicates to me that TPTB have taken notice of it and I appreciate that. However, I find the intensity of her hatred a bit puzzling. I can understand disliking a colleague that you think got where they are because of nepotism, especially if that colleague doesn't seem to put in the effort that might be expected of someone else in the position; however, she's taking it to OTT levels.

I also don't buy that she and Chloe have a genuine friendship or that Chloe really respects her. I literally cringed at the way Chloe treated her in Friday's episode. There are some things I like about this incarnation of Chloe and other things, not so much. She can't pull off being a bitch as effortlessly as people like Kristen, Kate, Sami, Nicole and her own mother Nancy can. It's obvious that she'd use Anne and Nicole, her only so-called "friends", and lose them just as quickly. Nancy is strongest in this story because she's sharp and having fun toying with Jennifer and Daniel but at the same time she is realistic about what can really be accomplished. She's trying to get Chloe to be clever about her scheming. Her historic enmity with the Hortons at least grounds her dislike for Jennifer in something real.
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