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I don't understand shooting this far ahead either. I understand that shooting ahead of time gives more time for post production and editing, so that is a cost savings (no rush jobs or overtime). But as people have pointed out, 2-3 months has to be sufficient. And as we all know, shooting far ahead has huge downsides because it: (1) makes it impossible to change bad storylines or fix other problems; and (2) removes a lot of the excitement over casting (because the announcement is usually months before the actor appears and/or any short-term runs are over or ending by the time the character appears).

The only possible benefit I can see of continuing increasing the lead time is if the show were actually ending. With more episodes in the can, TPTB could end production earlier, cut staff, sell equipment, terminate leases (if they have an option to do so), etc. That would save money. But I would think there would be more rumors if that were happening, and I don't think that is what is happening.
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