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Mar 9 2013, 07:34 PM
I wish they developed Anne's character more. Maybe there is a reason she doesn't like the Horton's. The problem is that TPTB know that Dannifer is unliked. They will have Chloe, Nicole, and Anne say some of what the audience has been saying since August; yet they won't admit that this pairing is a bust. How many more characters need to be destroyed before someone at Days decides to cut their losses with Dannifer?
Quite seriously, I believe that there is a long term plan to keep Dannifer. I think that they will play out a bit more "angst" (probably J.J.) and then have them settle as stable couple. There are no more viable women to pair Dan with and they want him established as a leading man and the Horton tie is a big plus. As far as audience reaction goes, I think the writers are planning to ride out the protests and bank on eventual acceptance. Maybe further down the line, when there is a better story/woman for dan, I could see them splitting them up but for the next year or so, I think they are going to be Salem's perfect couple. :(
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