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Mar 9 2013, 07:46 PM
Mar 9 2013, 07:36 PM
I think EJ should have a major problem with Sami wanting Stefano's help. It should be a major source of conflict for them because she's claimed an alliance with Stefano is what's kept them apart and gotten her to keep the kids from him. I'd like to see him have can issue with it and it's actually be done good inner conflict for them. Which is why it's not going to happen that way. I don't know why this show is so insistent on not letting them deal with things that would actually be dramatic.
I'm actually going to agree with you here.

I am hoping they have to deal with some of their past issues. It would be great angst & storytelling, IMO. A good start to that would be EJ taking issue with her so willingly taking help from Stefano after having run from EJ simply because he's Stefano's son.

It's possible for them to address it in some way, I mean they've addressed some things I. The last month or so that have shocked me, so anything is possible.
I will agree also. I want them to have this kind of angst and inner conflict. I have always wanted this kind of conflict for them rather than a stupid Rafe or Lucas triangle.

I also agree that they have shocked me with how well they have written the EJami that *I* want this last month so maybe they will continue to shock me and do this story justice.
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