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Sammie Jo
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Mar 10 2013, 08:55 AM
I never said Carmine was sexy hell no, I'm just saying Steve Burton is no young one, really when it comes right down to it none of them are sexy, hell no way is Victor sexy old or young, his personality ruins it for him in fact when he first came on the show I thought he was uglier than sin, Doug Davidson is okay, I like Doug and the character of Paul, but I don't find him sexy, sorry I have the right to my opinion and while it disagrees with all of you its my opinion. btw I'll never see my forties or fifties again, so 42 isn't ancient I'm nearing 70 (oh how I hate to say that but the alternative is death so I'll take my seventies) so I could have a child 42 or older no it isn't old (depends on the side you're seeing it from) but Steve Burton is no young stud okay for you fans he's an old stud or in your opinion a stud anyway.
nobody said you said carmine was sexy, you just said steve was old, maybe to someone 18 he is, but not to grown women, I was just pointing out that even though carmine is young, he is not sexy, he's creepy and clumsy.
I didn't think victor was sexy or good looking in his younger years, I find him very attractive & sexy now.
I didn't know there was a cutoff age when a person was no longer sexy/studly. lol
Of course you are entitled to your opinion, you gave us yours, we're giving you ours. ;)
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