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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 10 2013, 01:53 PM
Mar 10 2013, 01:42 PM
Frankly they retweet far more about Ejami than they do about any other pairing. If you check out their timeline it's plain as day and as someone said up thread even when the tweet is about something else, it's usually from someone that included the Ejami hashtag in the tweet, or they have an Ejami button in their avi...whatever....if they gave equal representation to ALL couples, then it wouldn't be that noticeable....
It makes sense that at the moment they're retweeting about Ejami since it's currently the couple in the spotlight. They were doing the same with Safe for years while they were in the spotlight and pretty much ignoring Ejami altogether. It's just now that Ejami is getting any positive attention from TPTB after almost seven years, in spite of the big following they'd had all along. I guess they're making up for lost time lol.
It doesn't make sense because it's not even the couple getting the most airtime at the moment, that would be Dannifer and Wilson is still in enough story to get a considerable more amounts of retweets that Ejami is. If you put it out there...for every one Dannifer retweet by NBCDays there are 5 Ejami ones and this has been happening since about late January. Ericole is getting some good angsty writing and people are tweeting positive stuff about them but somehow they can't even get more than one retweet on a day that Ericole was featured heavily with fantasies and muggings and other stuff....and no they weren't doing the same for years with Safe...they weren't retweeting about much of anything back then when they were on and the only thing we got were tweets from AS and GG....maybe some SOD articles...but nothing from the Days handle....
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