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Mar 1 2013, 09:55 PM
i wanted will to stand up to nick but i dont think he needs to. will is like sami in many ways except he is not as intense as she is but he is also like lucas is calm until pushed . the thing is though what nick fails to realize is who hes actually up against here. in his case he was an adult in wills case he was a minor child, who shot ej in the knee he didnt klill him and since ej never pressed charges against him even though he could have at any time i think should he find out what nick is doing he will counter with either a very believable story of a second shot being that of lucas gun that hit him, and a stray bullet from wills meaning will did nothing and lucas paid for the crime, i believe theyd be on board for something like that, sami lucas and will. this thing gabi and chad signed th9ough is stupid, chad goes to jail if he talks about gabis involvement?? chad wasnt involved at all in it he was looking for melanie...i sure hope someone comes to their sences about that thing there..gabi needs to pay and i think it will be proven thatnick is in no way rehabilitated, gabi is in no wau mother material and sonny and will should raise his baby
That would be a good solution.
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