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Mar 10 2013, 04:11 PM
Mar 10 2013, 04:03 PM
Panda Panda
Mar 10 2013, 12:08 AM
Don's still stuck at the post office.

I'm thinking that John is keeping Marlena at arms length because he believes he can redirect Kristen's "vengeance' onto him and save Marlena the hassle. Which is dumb as hell, but at this point so is John.
Panda, I love your Bristen avatar! :wub2: Damn you, John, for interrupting the hotness.

I'm glad John's back, but he really needs to focus on Marlena and less on what his (grown) son and (grown) ex are doing. I appreciate him giving Brady that gift, but now he needs to back off and let Brady and Kristen handle their own issues WITHOUT oberbearing Pappy.

And get Fauxman off my screen, too.
John was out of their business for a month and they were promptly backburnered...because without that conflict, they have no story.
They were pretty front-burner this last month or so. Nary a John in sight.

I'm just way more interested in Bristen's relaionship with Stefano - and the conflict it causes with THIS Pappy - than with John-the-Pappy butting in. There's plenty of storyline for Bristen that doesn't involve John.

I'm glad John's back, and I enjoyed his scenes with Brady and the plaque on Friday (did NOT enjoy Kristen's douchiness regarding it), but now it's time for John to focus on rebuilding his relationship with Marlena. Let Brady stand and fall on his own two feet.

Hilarious photo with Stefano and Brady is matching robes. Welcome back, Stefano! Can't wait to see how THIS Pappy deals with his hatred of his offsprings' romantic choices! (EJami, Bristen)

And get Chad in there, too!!'
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