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Mar 10 2013, 04:22 PM
Mar 9 2013, 02:43 AM
Monday, March 11

Sami enlists Lucasí help to break into the police evidence room and steal anything that could link Will to EJís shooting.

Tuesday, March 12

Chloe answers Danielís hotel room door and Jennifer sees him passed out, half-naked in bed.

DVR Alert: Assuming Chloe and Daniel had sex, Jennifer runs off in tears.

Wednesday, March 13

Determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick, Will sets out to find her and reveal Nickís blackmail.

Thursday, March 14

Upon learning Stefano is back in Salem, Sami realizes she should have asked him for help with Nick.

DVR Alert: EJ knows how to ensure Stefanoís assistance, but tells Sami she isnít going to like itÖ

Friday, March 15

Brady tells Kristen he believes John still has feelings for her, while Marlena realizes John is secretly planning to destroy Kristen.

DVR Alert: Nick is on cloud nine after marrying Gabi, unaware Vargas has just been released from prison.


Not that I care too much for the whole dan Jennifer Chloe tedium but wouldn't it be best if Chloe didn't sleep with daniel. That way Jen's dismay is all in her head and reflects how she can't trust Daniel. Maybe she should go back and question why she can't trust Daniel. Hopefully she will realise how doomed they are and move on.
THIS! IMO Jennifer doesn't trust Daniel. She treats him like he hasn't a clue about who or what he wants, and she also remembers the past history with
other women. She needs to stop being reactive to Chloe's schemes, and start reassessing their relationship. It's some serious issues that need to be addressed.
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