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John was out of their business for a month and they were promptly backburnered...because without that conflict, they have no story.
They were pretty front-burner this last month or so. Nary a John in sight.

I'm just way more interested in Bristen's relaionship with Stefano - and the conflict it causes with THIS Pappy - than with John-the-Pappy butting in. There's plenty of storyline for Bristen that doesn't involve John.

I'm glad John's back, and I enjoyed his scenes with Brady and the plaque on Friday (did NOT enjoy Kristen's douchiness regarding it), but now it's time for John to focus on rebuilding his relationship with Marlena. Let Brady stand and fall on his own two feet.

Hilarious photo with Stefano and Brady is matching robes. Welcome back, Stefano! Can't wait to see how THIS Pappy deals with his hatred of his offsprings' romantic choices! (EJami, Bristen)

And get Chad in there, too!!'
There really isn't a conflict with Stefano and Bristen. Sure, he dislikes Brady but so far he's been on Kristen's side the whole time. John/Marlena are the ones causing conflict and thus the story potential. I just wish that they'd stop with the "lather, rinse, repeat" encounters for Marlena/Kristen. It's getting old.
And this is where I hope to see a storyline change in the Kristen/Stefano relationship. Kristen loves Steffie, but eventually I want to see Kristen v Stefano over Kristen's evolving feelings for Brady. Like a horrified Stefano trying to destroy his daughter's happiness..... just like a horrified Stefano trying to destroy EJ's happiness. I agree it's not playing out that way now, because Kristen is focused on revenge and Stefano supports that angle, but to me that's where the juicy story lies. Then again, I love it when the woman defies her parents to be with the man she loves, moreso than when the man defies his parents. Maybe because I'm a woman, and I'm rebellious when it comes to overbearing parents. Lol.

Like I said, I enjoyed the John/Brady scenes on Friday, but I really don't want to see much more Brady/John conflict, because.... we've been there, done that. And it makes no sense to be that John is more "concerned" with this than with his marriage. Now if he and Marlena team up, that's another story.
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