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The Room Stops
Mar 10 2013, 05:16 PM
Mar 8 2013, 11:00 PM
I only liked Isabella when she was jealous of marlena and admitted that she knew John loved Marlena
Really? I still found her boring. I'm just still surprised whenever I watch clips from the 80s/90s at how truly snoozeworthy she was. So boring, so so so boring. I mean, when you match Rebecca in how much you bore me... you know the character is bad.
I didn't hate Isabella, but I agree she was kinda boring. She didn't really hold my interest as a character until the weeks before she died. Well, I did like her friendship with Jack. And she brought us Brady. :wub2:

Anyway....Friday's show.

1) I love Nancy

2) I LOVED the "heat" that ED/EM continue to bring to the screen, despite the lackluster writing of their storyline. C'mon, writers, give them a real chance together! Don't waste the chemistry!

3) I liked the calm way John handled Kristen's tomfoolery and didn't let her piss him off, so he could give the gift to Brady. Now it's time for John to reunite with his wife.

4) And speaking of Marlena....time to get rid of Fauxman or give him a girlfriend. THIS is why so many people hate him. Because the writers won't allow him move on. Oh, and eff you Kristen and Stefano for bringing him back. I would love more Kate/Marlena more friendship scenes. I love Lauren and Dee together!

5) Besides hating Fauxman, I hate the writing for Chloe. She was never THIS bad. C'mon. Give her some dignity.

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