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Mar 10 2013, 10:44 AM
I don't expect them to ever RT negative feedback or complaints about story lines.
That's a given, and I wouldn't expect otherwise. But they also don't RT any positive tweets relating to characters or couples not currently on-screen, and that leaves a lot of fans out. I understand the frustration and disappointment. Obviously they want to promote what's currently on screen, I get that... but this show is also a show of history, so the lack of acknowledgement towards those tweets tends to be frustrating.

And while I've seen support tweets regarding Will and Sonny, Rafe and Kate & Daniel and Jennifer, the majority being sent out by that handle (from my experience) has revolved around EJami, Sami, EJ, Ali or James. That pairing is clearly not my favorite, but I understand that plenty of people like them. I'm not saying "stop tweeting about them", in fact I'd find it problematic if no support tweets were being sent out at all. I just find it incredibly annoying that their tweets focus on this pairing more than anything else. There's a clear bias there - if the Santeen Valentine's Day tweets don't show that, I don't know what does... and it's a bias that has led me, and other fans to click the unfollow button.

I'm sure the fanbases that this handle caters to enjoy the attention and support (frankly I don't blame them), but this account's failure to be more all-encompassing is a huge problem. Soap fans are diverse, and this handle should be more receptive to that.
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