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Mar 10 2013, 11:26 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepthe couple in the spotlight? Last time I checked, there is more than EJ and Sami on this show. What about Eric and Nicole? They're getting the same airtime, if not more than EJ and Sami, yet there's hardly any focus on those two when it comes to @nbcdays' tweets. Why? I've seen plenty of support tweets being sent out with the #DAYS hashtag, and directly to the handle.
Absolutely, it doesn't make other couples more interesting, but at the moment they're promoting Ejami. I would say they need the promotion after almost seven years of intense efforts in destroying both characters and any chance of them becoming a real couple. With all the promotion, I still don't believe them entirely when they say that this time things would be different.
I call BS on the whole thing, there was no concerted effort to destroy these characters Ej and sami were toxic towards one another from the get go and it didn't play any other way. So I don't believe they have anything to make up I saw what I saw and will not change my mind despite the obvious bias. There are other characters in relationships or in the process of being in one and we don't see the promoted like this. Days is an ensemble show but NOT according to that twitter handle. This may have a direct relation to the ratings fluctuating as severely as they have over the last few months. They are not promoting days but wrongly promoting one couple over every other that is on the show currently. To me this is wrong.
Well, I can relate. I practically gagged for four years of heavy promotion of Safe on every media channel possible, not to mention by every character on the show. They even took the joy out of the return of many beloved characters such as Anna, Caliope and Shane - Shane in particular. So yeah, I can relate.
This is true and pretty much proves my point that if you switch the names to the couples from last year, the defense and offense would have swapped. The only difference for me is that this is every day and not just once a week in a magazine or promo. Both kinds of promotion are annoying. I find this more annoying because it's daily. And repeated throughout the day and I'd find it annoying no matter who they were promoting. And before anyone tries to shut me up, yes. I'd find it annoying if they were non stop promoting John and Marlena. If I wanted non stop John/Marlena love, I'd go follow all their fans.
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