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Mar 10 2013, 09:36 PM
Mar 9 2013, 04:20 PM
Even if Daniel wakes up with no memory, is he really going to think he slept with Chloe? He's rebuffed every advance from her so far; surely he knows himself well enough to know whether or not that'd even be possible? I hope this isn't Abby and Austin, Round II. Salem men are a little too slow on the uptake.
Not to mention that there'd have been other physical signs if sex had taken place, and surely Daniel has done the mattress mambo often enough to be able to recognize them. The whole scenario is just too stupid for words, not to mention a rehash of the Abigail/Austin story.
This might be where Abby (again playing Mom to her own mother) reminds Jennifer of that whole situation, which brings Jennifer back to her senses and reunited Daniel and Jennifer.

Maybe the preview doesn't give it all away, but what's more puzzling to me is how Jen can think sex did take place when Daniel's naked in bed but Chloe looks like a million bucks and all dressed up. Wouldn't she have spent the night? Or even if she was going back to Daniel's place and with Parker, would she really have needed to reapply makeup and look like a million buck so late at night?

That's the thing that would bother me most about this storyline. Jennifer knows about all the drugged-in-bed attempts in Salem, right? Surely she should be able to see through this one.
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