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All caught up on Vancouver. This is far and away my favorite Housewives series now.

Mary: I love Mary, but she has nobody to blame but herself for showing up to Jody's events. I was cringing as she got caught in her lies for trying to leave the party.

Ronnie: She's just being a real bitch this season lol. Maybe she's just angry with her plastic surgent. Her face is looking frozen.

Jody: Go away!

Amanda: Ugh hate this bitch!!! She tries to start up so much drama, but fails at sticking up for herself. All the other women, except for maybe Mary, will wipe the floor with this whore.

Robin: Loving her! I couldn't stop laughing at her giving the boy singing tips when he's a professional.

Ioulia: Freaking love her. I really hope we see more of her. Loved how she had no clue where the fuck her step children were. I can't wait until she lays the smackdown on that basic bitch Amanda next week.
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