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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 10 2013, 08:54 PM
I agree with DimeraFan.

When NBC's primetime shows are bringing in less ratings than their shoestring budget daytime show, one week when ALL soaps were down isn't going to garner any big reaction from tptb, IMO.

Trying to say that Days should be shooting for Y&R's ratings is like fishing with a rope. Days in it's heyday only beat out Y&R once or twice. I'm hoping to see Days gain viewers and possibly overtake GH.

I've been watching GH too & I feel like right now all the returns of vets are sparking their ratings. Their stories aren't any better than Days. In fact, with the exception of Dannifer, Days stories are better, IMO.
I personally think that regardless of how prime time NBC is doing, if Days falls below a certain threshold ratings wise, Corday panics and goes nuts. That is what usually happens and what's happened the last couple of years...NBC's primetime ratings have been consistently going down for a couple of years now, and Days has still managed to change HW positions twice in that span of time. Granted, this year appears to be the worse for NBC when it comes to their prime time line up....but then again, even if the primetime numbers were better that doesn't mean that Days getting close to 2.2 million total viewers or going below it is not going to make Corday do something. NBC might not cancel the show but that doesn't stop Corday from reacting. Especially if he perceives that whatever the network told him to do (if the rumors are correct) isn't working. Again....Days isn't in any imminent danger now, but they only got a 1 year deal, so they don't have the flexibility of letting the ratings go very low.
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