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Mar 8 2013, 03:10 PM
I just can't accept that the stories are what makes the ratings change so much. What is the weak link? Dannifer? At least IMO. They were featured just as much during the jump as they were the decline. EJami? They were featured during the climb and the drop. The baby story? Same. I really am not going to blame this on the writing, I'm just going to say this is DAYS range and I think they will stay around here and be between 2.5M and 2.7M for a while. The only time I really care about the ratings is when they start getting close to 2.3M. That worries me. If they stay here they're fine and have to be pretty happy with it.
I'll just speak for myself, but what keeps me away as a viewer is the strong feeling I get from the show's writers and executives that they really don't value either the show itself or me as a viewer. They don't care, and that comes across in a number of ways that I find off-putting. Everything from the advanced/rushed taping schedule to the tendency to reward mediocrity to the destruction of beloved characters in service of plot demonstrates that their actions are about enriching themselves not about putting out a quality product.

They're more interested in milking the show and making money off of its former glory than in taking care of it. Everything they do comes across as cynical and calculating -- even contrary to good entertainment and good business sense. And I have no doubt that if they could come up with another concept they thought would make them more money, they would drop the show in a second... a millisecond... and never look back (unless they thought they could cash in on a retrospective.) As a viewer, why should I invest? Why should I reward those in charge when they don't deserve it? So I might choose to tune in here or there, but regularly? Not with this regime and the way they run things. Besides, they're not making any effort to lure me back in, so they clearly don't care whether I watch or not.

Yes, it's a business. And yes, other shows do this, too. But I don't feel it is so blatantly and so crassly displayed as it is done with this show. The only things still tethering me to Days at all are a few actors along with the memory of what it once was and the waning hope of what it could be once again. The show is in decidedly uncaring hands for now, but, hey, a miracle could happen! In the meantime, this regime should only get the ratings it deserves -- and the execs should feel lucky they're getting way better than that.

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