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Mar 11 2013, 01:07 AM
Mar 10 2013, 11:41 PM
Mar 10 2013, 11:18 PM
Did I miss something? Having sex with an alter who wants to have sex with you makes you a rapist? Sounds like consent to me.
I think people are going with the notion that a alter isn't the actual person (or "host" personalty), and therefore can't give consent, because the host personality has no awareness of what is going on. :shrug:

And honestly I can't even tell which one is the host personality and which is the alter anymore, which I am assuming is the whole point to this stupid sl lol.
Read the wiki on Olivia Falconeri and learned that Connie, as I suspected, was Connie before leaving town and changing her name.
So how can Kate think "Kate" is not the alter? That is the assumed identity! She was ashamed of her family and made up this persona from Connecticut.
Isn't this an open-shut case? Why does Kate believe she's genuine? She's related to no one with that name. Olivia's existence alone is proof that Kate is a sham.
She was born Connie. When she first came to town years ago she was known as Kate Howard editor of a major fashion magazine. But Sonny was the first to meet her and riff away remembered her as Connie his girlfriend from the old neighborhood. But back then it was always that Connie just changed her name so of like a lot of actors do. When Olivia came to town for a while she still called her Connie even though most had accepted the new name and called her Kate. It now being a split personality is new with RC's writing. Before she said she had changed her name to make it something more professional in the business world. Something that sounded more proper.

To answer how can Kate think she is the main personlity I think it has more to do with everyone accepting the nice Kate and not the evil Connie. Also if Connie was this crazy selfish B back in the old neighborhood we would have seen both Sonny and Olivia notice the change when Kate was there. Now I actually would think it is a better story that Kate is the alter. But we are going to need some type of flashback or explanation that growing up Connie acts the way she is now.
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