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Miss Rhi
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Mar 11 2013, 03:24 PM
why dont we change the name gh to back to the past since all they want bring back is from 1978 to 1995 really how many people watch gh since then very few , people watch gh now are from the years 1996 to present why we care see people we dont like to see
while there nik sarah courtney gia jax morgan ric lansing these actors should be on show they brag saying brenda and sonny boosted show so false the years that story aint up was in 2002 and 2003 . brenda dead for 5 years so fans wanted see her alive plus u had carson journey liric skye and jax many couples helped show wasnt all brenda sure wasnt sonny and brenda . brenda more with jax than sonny .

Who is this "we" you speak of?

I don't have a problem with who they are bringing back. I've never really seen Rick Webber on the show since I never watched regularly until I started doing so last year. I tried watching off and on during the years most of the characters you mentioned were on and just couldn't do it. I didn't get to see the last time they brought this Rick back but I remember reading about it in SOD.

I think I understood the gist of your post in that your unhappy with everyone they've brought back and are bringing back.

Also, going into the past and working current stories into past ones has been done on soaps for forever. Sometimes it will be done with people you like and sometimes it won't but as long as soaps last it will always happen.
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