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Mar 11 2013, 05:19 PM
Mar 11 2013, 05:16 PM
In the meantime Hope and Kristian Alfonso shouldn't be punished so they need to do something with her. I roll my eyes now when I see Hope pop up to be a sounding board for all of these lesser characters.
I disagree. It's these interactions with established characters that helps new/undeveloped characters to grow. While I would like to see Hope doing more, I really don't mind her being a supporting character right now. I just wish she was supporting her own children. Have Shawn come back to mingle with the 30somethings. SORAS Ciara and give her a teenage love affair that Hope has to react to with Bo being gone.
You basically made my point. She is supporting Jennifer and Rafe. I don't mind the interaction with Marlena, but neither of them are really doing much of anything. I can't stand her Dannifer propping and it isn't causing me to like Dannifer any more or think "Aww, this is a great relationship between cousins." Jennifer's relationship with Daniel has been a total and complete trainwreck and they have fights every damn day.

I don't mind when Hope shares scenes with Nick. They MAKE SENSE. I would love if she was supporting Shawn D, Abigail, Belle, a SORASed Ciara or JT. But she isn't doing any of that. Hell I would even like if she was trying to give Sami or Brady some advice. Her scenes are totally pointless right now, IMO.
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