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camera shy

Mar 11 2013, 05:54 PM

Lol RT @treegirl1006: "I have a plan" Sami "that's the scariest thing you ever say" Lucas... I so agree with Luc. It scares us #days

That's funny! Gosh I missed Lumi.... :blowkiss:
To me, Lucas is the one Sami has the most chemistry with. Loved him asking her if she had put on weight something EJ would never do because he's all about kissing her ass and telling only what she wants to hear. Lucas doesn't have to play games like that with her because their relationship is built on telling each other whatever's on their mind. He doesn't have to keep buttering her up and try his best to stay on her good side. He can just be around her and not have to watch every word that comes out his mouth scared she's going to blow up at him and that'll be that.
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