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Mar 11 2013, 04:53 PM
It's incredible to believe Alfonso started on DAYS 30 years ago. Doesn't seem that way at all.

I love how much she loves the Princess Gina saga. It was definitely my favorite Hope storyline.

I'm looking forward to what Tomlin/Whitesell have planned for Hope. I really want them to kill off Bo. Of course, I want them to lead the characters to believe Bo is dead, while giving the viewers the knowing clue that all isn't what it seems. It'll give Bope fans hope that Bo will return one day, all while allowing Hope to move on since she believe he's gone. No one could really be ruined, like what's happened to Jennifer (and Kayla to an extent).

And I agree with others who want someone completely new coming in for Hope. None of the men on the cast right now seem like a good fit for Hope. People always want to throw Rafe towards Hope, but I wouldn't ever want to see anything intimate develop between the two. I love the two as friends/co-workers, and I never want to see that line crossed. Besides, Rafe needs to stay with Kate. Both characters haven't felt this fresh in years.

Seriously, TPTB actually give a storyline to a vet? Not in TomSell's tenure, that's for sure. They royally screwed Bo and Hope and the proper send off for Peter. They should have been the next Tom and Alice.

I started watching Kristian when I was in college and have loved her character ever since. Congratulations to you Kristian for the past 30 years. You have captured so many hearts over the years and we all appreciate what you have given to the show. You deserve WAY more than the current writing team has given you.
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