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A couple of weeks ago, we asked for all of your favorite Stefano memories from the last 30 years. This list is going to be a little different than our previous two. Participation wasn’t as good for this one, but there were still some clear standouts. It’s not easy to pick Stefano’s best moments because they’re often just lines of dialogue that don’t necessarily happen at the most memorable of moments. His greatest moments are rarely at the big moments in his stories, because those moments are usually reserved for his rivals. Because of that, a lot of these scenes seem more like best moments of other characters. But none of them could have happened without him. The majority of the scenes chosen revolve around his interactions with Marlena. We know there are many Stefano moments that didn’t make it, so please discuss these and any other Stefano memories here in this thread.

We’ll start with this scene from 1995. It’s kind of an odd starting point because the Stefano we see in this clip appears to be a far cry from the Stefano who has been terrorizing Salem for the last three decades. He’s basically....sweet. Stefano has amnesia and is in a wheelchair after an encounter with a possessed Marlena. Marlena’s guilt gets the best of her, and she brings Stefano to live with her. And then scenes like this happened...

This next scene is in 1993 when Marlena sees Stefano for the first time back in Salem. She had seen him a few years before this. He had been presumed dead for a couple of years, but even at this point they were used to the phoenix rising from the ashes. Well...some of them were used to it. Apparently, Marlena wasn’t. This scene gives a good glimpse at just how fearful Salemites used to be of him. He’s in a wheelchair, and Marlena is so terrified that she almost goes into early labor. This wasn’t Nono.

In this 2008 scene, Marlena has had enough. Marlena had been threatening Stefano for weeks, but the final straw came when it was revealed that her supposedly dead husband was brainwashed and being kept in Stefano’s basement. Seriously. She’d had enough.

The Lady in a Cage story in 1996 is infamous. Stefano had kidnapped Marlena again, faked her death, and was holding her in a gilded cage, insisting she would love him. Marlena spent most of her time crying over John, wearing really pretty clothes, and being generally disgusted, but in this scene Stefano almost gets to her. He promises her her freedom if she will spend the night with him.

In 1996, Lexie had been looking for her biological parents for a while. She had had no idea she was adopted, and had only recently learned that the woman she had called “Aunt Frankie” was in fact her mother. Celeste kept Lexie from finding out about her father as long as she could, but Lexie eventually found out. Stefano was also pretty shocked to learn this news, and she let him know exactly how she felt about him. This was only the beginning of the many twists and turns their relationship would take.

2008 wasn’t the first time Marlena had had enough. In this scene from 1985, Marlena avenges her late husband’s (Roman) death. This came on the tails of Stefano kidnapping her twins and planning to leave the country with them. Bo rescued them, but Marlena was terrified of what he was planning to do to the rest of her family. This wasn’t his first death, and it wouldn’t be his last.

This seemed to be the beginning of the 2007 story that never happened. These scenes take place about a month after John was killed in a hit and run. Sami has married EJ to save the family, and Marlena comes to see if she can get her out of it. Everything about these scenes from the opera music to the dialogue is classic Stefano.

This scene actually happens right before Marlena shoots Stefano in 1985. Tony had been through a good bit with Stefano at this point, and had been chained up with Anna in his penthouse so that his cousin Andre could steal his identity and help Stefano achieve his plans. Tony gets to have the upper hand for a minute, but unfortunately for Salem, Stefano was released pretty quickly.

Two recasts later, it’s often hard to remember just how much of Stefano’s villainy once revolved around Roman Brady. This was Roman’s second death in 1984, and it set the stage for Marlena to shoot Stefano a few months later. While Roman and Stefano’s rivalry takes a backseat to other rivalries now, even nearly thirty years later we get occasional glimpses at just how much this affected Salem.

The final Stefano moment that made our list is actually an entire storyline from 1994. If we had done a top ten list in the way we’ve done before, the top three moments all would have been from the Maison Blanche story. This story led to a lot of gamechangers on Days. It introduced Celeste and reintroduced Hope. Two triangles began and one ended. It started the Jennifer/Peter relationship. And most pertinently to Stefano, it was the official beginning of Stefano’s “love” for Marlena that would carry them through the next few years of story.

That was the final single moment, but we’re still missing Stefano’s true signature. No Stefano list would be complete without it. I’ll let him say it for me.

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